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Shiatsu in the UK

Bath School of Shiatsu & Yoga www.bath-shiatsu-yoga.co.uk

Bristol School of Shiatsu www.shiatsubristol.co.uk

British School of Shiatsu-do www.shiatsu-do.co.uk

The Devon School of Shiatsu www.devonshiatsu.co.uk

European Shiatsu School www.shiatsu.co.uk

Genki School of Shiatsu www.thumbson.com

Healing Tao Centre www.healing-tao.co.uk

Healing-Shiatsu Education Centre www.healing-shiatsu.co.uk

The Heart of England School of Shiatsu www.shiatsu-heartofengland.co.uk

Infoholix.net www.infoholix.net

Ki Kai Shiatsu Centre www.kikaishiatsu.com

London College of Shiatsu www.londoncollegeofshiatsu.com

Northern School of Shiatsu www.northernschoolofshiatsu.co.uk

The Shiatsu College www.shiatsucollege.co.uk

The Shiatsu School Edinburgh www.tssed.org

Shiastu Society www.shiatsu.org

Sussex School of Shiatsu www.shiatsucourses.net

WebHealer www.webhealer.net

Zen School of Shiatsu www.learn-shiatsu.co.uk

Shiatsu in Ireland

Irish School of Shiatsu www.shiatsu.ie

Shiatsu Ireland www.shiatsuireland.com

Shiatsu Society of Ireland www.shiatsusocietyireland.com

Shiatsu in Europe

International School of Shaistu www.kientalerhof.ch

Le Iokai Shiatsu en Europe www.iokai.ch.nl

Shiatsu in the USA

Boulder College of Massage Therapy www.bcmt.org

Canadian College of Shiatsu www.oyayubi.com

Ohashu Institute www.ohashiatsu.org

Oriental Medicine Website Links in UK

Chinese Herbal Medicine Safety Project www.ftcm.org.uk

The College of Traditional Acupuncture www.acupuncture-coll.ac.uk

East West Herb Shop www.ewhs.co.uk

Herbs and Helpers www.herbalmedicineuk.com

Journal of Chinese Medicine www.jcm.co.uk

Nada UK www.nadauk.com

Northern College of Acupuncture www.chinese-medicine.co.uk

Oxford Medical Supplies www.oxfordmedical.co.uk

The Register of Chinese Herbal Medicine www.rchm.co.uk

Futon and Couch Companies

Futon Campus www.futoncampus.com

CBShiatsu - Shiatsu for professionals www.cbshiatsu.co.uk



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